Clinical Governance

People management

PHL Synaptik has an exception reputation as an employer and unlike many similar employers consistently has clinicians approaching for employment due to the reputation within the work force. We are exceptionally proud of this reputation and professional culture. 

Robust onboarding process that ensures all practitioners working for PHL Synaptik are experienced, focused, and flexible to accommodate streamlined services ensuring maximum use of facilities allowing increased patient flow. With a governance process to appraise, evaluate and support best clinical practice.

Clinical effectiveness

Lead by healthcare professionals that have vast NHS experience in safe clinical care delivery and operational complexities to be able to provide a sustainable insourcing service focused on individual NHS and independent sector needs with HCPs role matched to gain best experience and speciality required to provide patient centred safe care.

Clinical governance process in line with Care Quality Commission, Healthcare Inspectorate Scotland, Health Inspectorate Wales. This is the industry standard but at PHL Synaptik we strive to be above the standard and as such work with NHS Education Scotland (NES), Independent healthcare providers network and many specialty guidance bodies to ensure we are at the fore front with progression, innovation, and improvement across healthcare.  


PHL Synaptik have several integral systems to allow highly accurate and organised information collection, use and storage in line with all GDPR regulations. With a robust IT implemented quality management systems and ISO 9001 accredited. 

Risk management

We use the datix reporting system and integrate the fundamentals of the Scottish Patient Safety Program (SPSP) and the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. This foundation allows our patients, clients, and staff to have a transparent communication relationship supporting learning, growth and importantly improvement in best practise. Risks are identified and mitigation completed with escalation and responsibilities held across the governance escalation structure.

Education and training

Mandatory training is in place for all clinical practitioners and the use of a robust staffing system allows audit and recorded evidence of training by individuals. MyAko training platform is used for employed staff. PHL Synaptik support continuous development in line with the NMC/GMC/HCPC, along with high aspirations for improved educational opportunities based on evidence of best practice from use of post graduate educational facilities to internal lunch and learn.


Governance audits are completed across the governance pillars to ensure clinical monitoring of high care standards. These take place within the clinical area and assurance audits across the governance framework. Learning and feedback are used to improve clinical care standards.

Patient and public Involvement

PHL Syanptik actively seeks patient feedback from a number of streams including, face-face surveys, care opinion, company feedback email. Patients care and opinion are at the heart of our growth and forward movement to provide the best care to our patients.  

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PHL Synaptik

Governance board committee membership

  • Director of Nursing
  • Head of Nursing
  • Quality Manager
  • Medical Advisor
  • Clinical Governance Manager

Medical advisory committee membership

  • Head of Nursing
  • Quality Manager
  • Medical Advisor
  • Clinical Governance Manager

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